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ExtIdx is an a MediaWiki extension that extends the page index with the index of (in the headlines) referred pages.

By simply activating the extension every headline that has a link inside can be extended (if the referred page exists) by clicking on the [+] sign, or you can go to the page of the link by folowing the [>>] link next to the index entry.

Only the first link in a headline will be processed. So if the headline reads ==This [[is]] a [[test]] headline==, then the index of the page "is" would be shown if extended. Beneath is the index of this page which has several examples with which you can play a bit.

Since this is a pretty slow server, extending the index can sometimes take a while. Please be patient after clicking on the [+] (plus sign), the index will appear for sure!


Test this Headline

The above headline will create some playable index.


You can play in the Sandbox with the index by manipulating the headlines as you wish (let them point to existing pages to see the index changing).


ExtIdx extension in zip format

Install instructions

  • Unpack the package into your "extensions" subdirectory of your mediawiki installation.
  • Add the following line to the bottom of the LocalSettings.php file in your mediawiki home/main directory:



Bug Report

  • Fixed in Version 1.01: If short URLs are used, only Wikis that use /wiki/ as article path would work.
  • Fixed in Version 1.02: If the page is protected, it won't work in that page.
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